Sunday, May 15, 2005

Active@ Floppy Recovery - Floppy Disk Recovery software

Active@ Floppy Recovery is a tool for data recovery from removable devices like FDD. Recovery software can create disk images and manipulate with these images.

Active@ Floppy Recovery supports:
  • Floppy disks (FDD) and floppy disk images
  • Long file names and non-English language file names
  • Search in images and floppy disks by text fragment or file name or/and file extension
  • Disk Image creation and restoring
  • Creation of the compressed FDD images and self-extractor files, containing whole floppy disk structure
  • Storing reference to all floppy disk images that you are working with in Floppy Image Library.

Active@ Floppy Recovery can create:
  • Regular floppy disk image. Disk image is a mirror copy of entire floppy disk stored as a file.
  • Self-extracting image. This image file contains a small self-extraction executable code that restores floppy disk by itself. You can check the content of a self-extracting image before restoring floppy disk with Active@ Floppy Recovery.
  • Compressed disk image. With this image you can do the same operations as with the regular one. Using this type of images saves you some space on a hard drive, the decompression time, however, would be somewhat longer.
Active@ Floppy Recovery software works under all Windows family operating systems. Active@ Floppy Recovery will help to restore data residing on FDD formatted in the following FAT12 and NTFS file systems.

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