Monday, May 23, 2005

O&O DiskRecovery v 3.0 - Professional data recovery programm

Until now, professional data recovery was only available in specialized laboratories. O&O brings this technology to you desktop, enabling you to rescue those data you thought were lost at a reasonable price. Through specialized search algorithms O&O Disk Recovery version 3.0 can sense deleted files on already formatted data volumes. If the file structure is completely destroyed, data can still be found and reconstructed.

The easy-to-use O&O DiskRecovery Assistant guides you step-by-step through each data recovery. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary. The one-of-a-kind O&O DeepScan function scans for those tiny files that other programs miss.

New version O&O DiskRecovery 3.0 - easy and secure way to recover data you had thought was deleted. Accompanied by an on-screen assistant, you are guided through the data recovery process, step-by-step.

Rescue deleted files with O&O DiskRecovery V3.0!

O&O's new data recovery software - O&O DiskRecovery V3.0 is able to find and completely restore your deleted files. Fortunately, deleting a file and emptying the recycle bin does not mean that this file is irretrievably lost. When you delete a file, OS Windows only marks the space that this file occupies on your HDD as free. The file's information still exists, hidden, but unchanged on your hard drive or other storage medium. As long as no new information is written on the exact location where your original file was located, the chance of restoring it with O&O DiskRecovery V3.0 is very good.

How To Increase Your Chances of a Successful Data Recovery
  • If possible, do not save anymore data onto the system after the data in question have been deleted.
  • Close all applications without saving any data to the disk or other data storage media (if possible).
  • Shut down the computer.
  • Think calmly about how the data were deleted. Try not to panic and quickly restore the data in question. Reckless behavior can lead to even more data loss.
  • If the data was deleted "normally", they can be found in the Recycle Bin. Open the Recycle Bin and restore the files.
  • If the data were really deleted then it is advised to use O&O UnErase or O&O Disk Recovery to restore them.
  • If you only have one partition (such as "C:\") it is advised that you download and install the software onto another computer. Then create a emergency disk with O&O InstantDiskRecovery on it. More details regarding this function can be found in the section entitled "Starting O&O Disk Recovery without Previous Installation" of the software's documentation.
O&O Disk Recovery V3.0 searches your hard disk for deleted files and makes a list of found and recoverable files. Simply select the file or group of files you wish to be rebuilt and O&O DiskRecovery V3.0 will recover them. Even if parts of your files are already overwritten with other data, this software will try to restore the intact parts of your files.
  • O&O DiskRecovery V3.0 Personal Edition (Max. 50 files) - $79.95
  • Admin Edition (Unlimited) - $299.00
  • Tech Edition (Service License) - $799.00

DiskRecovery V3.0 key features:
  • Recognizes and Reconstructs over 300 file types
  • The one-of-a-kind O&O DeepScan picks up even the smallest of files
  • The integrated O&O RawScan makes data recovery possible on data volumes with damaged or destroyed files systems (e.g. formatted)
  • An Easy-to-use Assistant guides users step-by-step through the data recovery process
  • O&O InstantDiskRecovery for data recovery without prior software installation
  • O&O SmartScan simplifies and accelerates the data recovery process by hiding undamaged areas of the data volume.

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