Friday, February 19, 2010

Gateway TC Series

Gateway Computers has excelled in finding the right combination of features that every computer user needs, and a value that every user can afford. Gateway was on the cutting edge of low-cost laptop technology, and now with the Gateway TC series they continue their streak of offering a high quality laptop at an affordable price. The Gateway TC series offers some features that are a step-up from previous Gateway laptop models, but the price tag keeps this line of Gateway laptops right in line with what the average consumer is looking for and keeps the chance of owning a quality laptop within anyone’s reach.

Gateway Laptop TC Series

Gateway has brought in the next generation of laptops to follow their successful MC and MD series of mobile computers with the Gateway TC series. What Gateway learned with the previous models is that if you give consumers value for their money, and then make the computer look like it costs a little more, then people will respond. The outer shell of the MC and MD series has been updated with the Gateway TC series, and now Gateway computer users can choose from a stylish dark gray or burgundy outer shell. It looks like Gateway spent some time on designing the look of these new laptops because they definitely give the impression of a quality machine.

The screen on the Gateway TC series is a 14 inch high definition screen that is capable of high quality multimedia viewing. All of your high definition DVDs and computer images will come out looking crystal clear with the Gateway TC series screen. At 14 inches, the Gateway TC series remains small enough to be portable but large enough to be a practical laptop. The no-glare screen makes viewing easy, and the monitor adjustment controls make sure that you get the screen just the way you like it.

The Gateway TC series uses duo core Intel-based processors to offer the utmost in speed and compatibility. Not only that, but with the Intel duo core mobile technology you also get a more durable computer as well. The units come standard with a 2GHz processor and 4GB of system memory. They also have a built-in Intel graphics accelerator to help maximize the available 16:9 ratio available on the screen, and they also come with a built-in DVD burner as well.

Gateway TC Series

These units start at under $650.00, and for that kind of pricing you would not expect a great deal of additional software to come with your new computer, but Gateway has managed to load up the Gateway TC series with enough software to help you be productive no matter where you are. The machine comes loaded with Microsoft Windows Vista Premium, and it also comes with the Microsoft production suite Works 9.0. To help you decide on making the upgrade to Microsoft Office, the Gateway TC series comes with as 60-day trial of Microsoft Office 2007 student edition. The new Gateway TC series comes complete with all of the production software you could ever need to get any computing job done.

The series comes with a 6-cell Lithium Ion battery for maximum portable computing time, and it also comes with a full warranty from Gateway to give you peace of mind while you are relying on your new Gateway TC series laptop for all of your important computing tasks.

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