Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Active@ UNDELETE - Data Recovery Toolkit Features

Active@ UNDELETE - Data Recovery Toolkit is a data recovery software that helps you to recover deleted files and restore deleted hard drive partitions. Supports Windows 10 / Win 8 / Win7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP, Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016 Servers. Recovers lost files on NTFS, ReFS, FAT/FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4, UFS, XFS, JFS file systems.

Active@ UNDELETE Professional has some advanced features, like restoring deleted volumes/partitions in-place, fixing volume boot sectors and ability to rollback partition changes. Package contains an ISO image file that you can use to create a bootable CD/DVD/USB to boot up unbootable PC. If your system is not bootable and you cannot attach the damaged hard disk drive to another computer, it is the only way to recover your data.

Active UNDELETE - Data Recovery Tool

Active@ UNDELETE Ultimate package includes all features of Professional package as well as recovery from damaged RAID disk arrays. Two advanced bootable environments Active@ Boot Disk and Active@ LiveCD delivers ability to recover lost data from unbootable systems.

Active@ Boot Disk is included in Professional & Ultimate packages and allows to recover damaged and unbootable systems by providing self-sufficient Windows-based recovery environment. After booting from the CD or USB, you will see a Windows environment. All you need to do is recover your data. Many other useful utilities are included besides undelete/data recovery application: Web Browser, File Manager, Terminal Client, Partition Manager, Notepad.

Data Recovery Man Reviews

DataRecoveryMan - Recovering files for Mac & Windows formatted hard drives, we recover files for less with affordable flat rates and free evaluations! Professional data recovery services at some of the lowest prices. 100's of hard drives a year and is trusted by the local community including Apple stores and IT technicians. We offer an honest approach to data recovery pricing with flat rates.

Logical Repair: Virus / Spyware Infections, Blue Screen or Spin-Wheel, Unmountable Mac Volume, Human Errors (Delete, format), Damaged MFT / FAT tables, Unidentified Drive Volume, Minor Bad Blocks, "Unrepairable" Mac Volume, Missing Boot Files.

Non-Invasive Hard Drive Recovery: Exceeded SMART errors, Unreadable Data Blocks, Occasional Clicking, Slow Read Times / BSY, Unstable Read Times, Module Corruption / Bricked, UNC Block errors, LBA Mis-Match, Chip Burnout.

Invasive Hard Drive Recovery: Constant Clicking, Head Crash, Moisture / fluid Damage, Firmware (SA / ROM), No Power / Not Spinning, Seized or Failed Spindle, HDA Failures, Voice Coil, Severe PCB damage.

Data Recovery Man

Jon Y. (Santa Ana, CA, USA)

Needed to recover some corrupt video files and went to Data Recovery Man to see if they could repair them for me. They went through it once and said they didn't have any luck repair the corrupted video files. Then they called the next day saying they tried another option and luckily it had fixed all the corrupted files from the SD card. Thanks a lot guys!

Kirk D. (Orange, CA, USA)

DataRecoveryMan is great but the receptionist seem annoyed helping. Let me rewind. I had an SSD drive crash and found DataRecoveryMan. I gave him a shot and I dig him. He tries to breakdown the issue and answer questions as best as he can. I spoke with him twice on the phone. Although the SSD couldn't be saved bc the model was too new and he didn't have the needed parts, I really felt like Simon tried what he could. He even went around and tried to find someone else to help out.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Data Security Protection

Have you ever thought about how important it is to protect your online and computer data? Many of us use our computers and other electronics on a daily basis and constantly utilize important files and documents to get what we need done. If you want to make sure that your personal information isn’t shared with the world, you will want to consider data security protection. There are various ways in which you can protect yourself and your private information. Take a look at the following information to learn more.

One step that you should always take to protect your data is regularly back up your data. This is very important in the event that your computer is stolen or your personal information is compromised. You want to be able to have access to your important files right away. Make sure that you back up data regularly. You may want to consider marking this event on a calendar, so that you don’t forget.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

My Asus UL30A is a Great Laptop!

Computers have certainly come a long way in the last few decades and with each passing year they just keep getting better and better. From huge boxes to bulky laptops to even smaller bulky computers and laptop we have seen a huge change. In today’s world it is not uncommon for people to surf the web and send emails from their cell phone. The new Asus UL30A is a great computer from start to finish. It has awesome features and a nice frame that makes for one of the best computers on the market today. Just check out what the new Asus UL30A has to offer
Asus UL30A
It is powered by a low voltage processor which consists of an Intel Core 2 Duo and comes standard with a battery that will last you up to 12 hours of continuous work during the day without the need to charge it. That is the biggest problem that a lot of people have when it comes to their laptop that the battery does not stay charged past 2 hours and it can be quite annoying when you are trying to work away from home or the office.
Not every place has a place to plus in your charger and sometimes charging your computer just seems like a huge hassle you do not want to deal with. When you get to the point where you are writing or researching and you have to stop to plug your charger in, it can be quite a pain to get back into the groove your were in before.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Selling Your Old Laptop Replacement Parts Online

As convenient as laptops can be, they tend to wear out more quickly than desktop PCs. If you are replacing your laptop, you can make some extra money by selling some of your old parts online. Even if your laptop does not work properly, you should have one or more parts that do function correctly. People who need cheap laptop replacement parts will often order online, and your used parts might be just what they are looking for. Before you decide what to do with your old laptop, however, there are several things you should consider.

Replacement Laptop Parts

First of all, you should figure out what your laptop is worth. In some cases, you might get more money for individual parts than if for your whole laptop. Check the price of each of your components before you make a decision. Even if you think you know what your laptop is worth, certain components might be worth more than you might think. Sites that you can check include eBay, Amazon, Newegg, LaptopPartsWorld and Best Buy. Knowing the value of various components ensures that you will not be ripped off when you try to sell laptop replacement parts.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can You Mix Different-Capacity DDR Memory Modules?

Can you mix different capacity DDR memory modules? The simple answer to the question is yes. The biggest thing to remember is that the DDR memories must be the same type. Unless your motherboard specifically allows DDR2 and DDR3 mixture, you must use one or the other. If you have a 1GB DDR2 you can mix it with any size of DDR2 memory stick. But, if you have a 1GB DDR2 and 2GB DDR3, they will not mix. You can use the memory type that is compatible with your motherboard as a guideline.
Can You Mix Different-Capacity DDR Memory Modules?

When answering the question “Can you mix different capacity DDR memory modules?” you need to consider the speed of the memory modules. You can get various forms of DDR memory at different clock speeds. As long as you do not mix different forms of DDR memory, you can mix DDR memory with different clock speeds. You might have a DDR2 with a bus clock speed or 200 and another one with a bus clock speed of 400. They will work just fine. The only drawback is that the motherboard will use the lower clock speed to access memory. So, that means it will clock at 200 MHz, not the 400 of the higher speed chip.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Upgrade Your Computer with an External Hard Drive

When you run out of storage space on your hard drive it doesn’t mean that it is time for a new computer. When you need to transport large amounts of information you don’t have to burn a stack of CDs that get out of order and require extra time to access. An external hard drive is portable and can implement your computer by a terabyte. They work for both PC and Mac, desktop and laptop. Every computer of any size can accommodate at least one portable hard drive. And some systems that have multiple ports can have several of them.

External HDD

There are several types of external hard drives. The desktop model requires a separate power adapter and though it can be transported from place to place, is designed to be on top of a desk where it has access to power.

Drives for laptops are designed to draw power through the connector cable whether it is plugged in or running on battery power. These "pocket drives" are small enough that they fit into the palm of your hand or in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. Some are so small you can stuff it into your pants pocket.

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